Xin Fan


Professor,doctoral tutor,master tutor
Main job: vice president of software college

Ministry of Education “New Century Talent Support Program” selected
Liaoning Province “One Hundred Million Talent Project” A Thousand People Level
Liaoning Science and Technology Progress Second Prize and Dalian Science and Technology Progress Award
ICME2017 Best Paper Candidate
ICME2015 Best Student Papers
National Multimedia Conference 2013 Best Paper
ICIP2013 Best Paper Candidate
ICIP2015 top10% paper

University: Xi’an Jiaotong University
Degree: Doctor
On-the-job information:
Unit: National Demonstration Software Institute
Subject: Software Engineering Computational Mathematics
Email : [email protected]

Personal Profile

Fan Xin is an executive vice president, professor and doctoral tutor of the School of International Information and Software, Dalian University of Technology. He received a bachelor’s degree and doctor’s degree in engineering from the Information and Communication Engineering Department of Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1998 and 2005 respectively. From July 2005 to October 2009, he was a lecturer at the Information Engineering College of Dalian Maritime University. During this period, he was postdoctoral from the State University of Oklahoma and the Southwestern Medical Research Center of the University of Texas from May 2006 to June 2009. Research, taught at Dalian University of Technology, School of Software, November 2009. The main research directions are machine vision and image processing, presided over 1 key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 projects of youth projects, and national 863 subprojects. Top journals and conferences in the Nature journals, IEEE TIP, TCSVT , TMM, ICCV, AAAI, ECCV, etc. published more than 80 papers. Selected in the “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” of the Ministry of Education in 2011, and the “One Hundred Million Talent Project” in Liaoning Province has a level of 1,000 people. Won the second prize of Liaoning Province Science and Technology Progress Award and one of the first prizes of Dalian Science and Technology Progress Awards. As the author of the communication, he won the ICMO2015 Best Student Paper for the International Multimedia Flagship Conference. He was selected as the best candidate for ICME2017 and the best candidate for the ICIP2013 International Image Processing Conference. , ICIP2015 top10% papers. Apply/authorize 19 national invention patents.


    Host Projects
  • The National Natural Science Foundation of China’s key project “Intelligent Evaluation Model and Fusion Platform for Capture of Underwater Agile Robots” (61733002, 2018-2022) has a direct funding of 3 million.
  • National Natural Science Foundation of the project “data-driven image processing based on the image attributes of the sample set selection and learning” (61572096,2016-2019) 788,000 yuan.

  • National Natural Science Foundation of the project “for the cognitive evolution of children’s DTI image processing and statistical methods” (612723710,2013-2016) 820,000 yuan.

  • Ministry of Education “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” 2012.1-2014.12 500,000 yuan.

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project (“Based on the hierarchical generation model of rigid body tracking and identification” 61003177) 220,000 yuan.

  • National 863 key projects (“the actual situation and integration of collaborative work environment” 2009AA012103) a sub-topics 200,000 yuan.

  • Cooperation Projects
  • Jizhong Zhao. Ping Hu. Gang Zhou. Xiuwan Chen. Xin Fan. Jianping Lei et al. Urban Geospatial Information Management and Service System. National Science and Technology Project, 2004.12-2006.1, the total national allocation of 2 million yuan, individual responsible for 50,000 yuan.

  • Hua Huang. Chun Qi. Xin Fan. Shuangliang Di et al. Research on super-resolution of image based on nonlinear learning (60703003). National Natural Science Youth Fund Project. 2008-2010 total expenditure of 220,000 yuan, individual responsible for 30,000 yuan.

  • Involved Projects
  • National Natural Science Foundation of key projects (“based on the cognitive model of the image invariance characteristics and its application research” 61033012) 2 million yuan.

  • National Natural Science Foundation of overseas cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao scholars research project (“based on conformal geometry and geometric invariant 3D digital content intelligent processing”) 200,000 yuan.

  • Joseph Havlicek, Guoliang Fan. Multiple Domain Particle Filters with Dual-Band Sensing for Multi-Contextual Tracking and Recognition. Army Research Office (ARO). 2008-2011 $450,000.

  • Joseph Havlicek, Guoliang Fan. Integrated Target Detection, Tracking, Classification, and Learning for Dual-band Infrared Imagery. Army Research Office (ARO), 2004-2007 $450,000.

  • Guoliang Fan. CAREER: Advanced Statistical Modeling Approaches for Structured Video Representation and Research Oriented Multidisciplinary Education. National Science Foundation (NSF), 2004-2009, Total $ 439,895.


  • Dequn Liang, Zhijun Wu, Xinnian Wang, Changsheng Dong, Xin Fan, Jizhe Jiang, Peng Wang, Ling Zhao, Qisheng Cao. Hengrui Public Security Criminal Investigation Image Processing System. Dalian Science and Technology Progress Award.2001.

  • Dequn Liang, Zhijun Wu, Xinnian Wang, Changsheng Dong, Xin Fan, Jizhe Jiang, Peng Wang, Ling Zhao, Qisheng Cao. Hengrui Public Security Criminal Investigation Image Processing System. Liaoning Province Science and Technology Progress Award.2002.

Academic Part-time

  • IEEE Member, Senior Member of China Computer Society, Member of Multimedia Committee of China Computer Society, Member of Multimedia Committee of China Image and Graphics Society.

  • Member of China Computer Society YOCSEF Dalian AC Committee.

  • Reviewers of international journal:IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Signal Processing, Infrared Physics & Technology, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (TITS), IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT), Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU), Neurocomputing, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, IEEE Transactions on Information and Forensic Security (TIFS), Information Sciences.

  • Chinese Journal “Journal of Electronics”, “Journal of Computers”, “Journal of Electronics and Information”, “Journal of Automation” reviewers.

  • International Conference ICIP2017 field chair (AC Chair).

  • International Conference ICME, ACM MultiMedia reviewerss.


  • Haojie Li, Yu Bao, Xin Fan, Zhongxuan Lou. Object-oriented depth feature aggregation method for image retrieval, application number: CN201611152148.2.

  • Zhongxuan Luo, Xin Fan, Lei Wang, Jun Li, Xin Wang, Xize Liu, Tie Qiu. A device for flying along a cableway, application number: 2016108613012.

  • Tie Qiu, Zhongxuan Luo, Xin Fan, Lei Wang, Jun Li, Xize Liu. A control system for a cableway aircraft device, application No. 2016108644631.

  • Ye Zhaochen, Li Haojie, Fan Xin, Luo Zhongyu. A scene depth recovery method based on signal decomposition, Application No. 2016108232311.

  • Ye Zhaochen, Li Haojie, Fan Xin, Luo Zhongxi. A multi-view depth video restoration method based on Kinect camera, Application No. 2016106806519.

  • Ye Yuchen, Li Haojie, Fan Xin, Luo Zhongyu. A method of joint depth modeling and reconstruction with global model and non-local filtering. Application No. 2016106806881.

  • Jia Qi, Fan Xin, Song Lianbo, Qiu Tie, Luo Zhongqi, Wang Qian. An ellipse rapid detection method based on geometric constraint, application number: 201610319333X.

  • Fan Xin, Luo Zhongyu, Cheng Shichao, Duan Wei, Wang Qian. A method for rapid segmentation of white matter in the brain and fiber cluster data analysis. Application No. 201610319014.9.

  • Jia Qi, Gao Xinkai, Fan Xin, Luo Zhongyu, Guo Wei. A line matching method based on projective invariant, application number:201610056000.2.

  • Wang Shengfa; Hu Jiangbei; Wang Zhihui; Fan Xin; Luo Zhongyu. A high-capacity 3D mesh model data hiding method with controllable error, application number: 201410613649, 2014. (authorized)

  • Jia Qi; Fan Xin; Luo Zhongyu; Liu Yu; Xu Xiujuan; Hu Yankang; Liu Bin. A shape matching method based on projective invariant, Application No. 201410143546, 2014. (authorized)

  • Luo Zhongyin; Fan Xin; Wang Qian; Shen Han, A method to realize rigid body motion, Patent No. 201510280070.1, 2015.

  • Fan Xin, Wang Wei, Gao Renjie. A color fog effect generation method based on human interaction. Application No. 201310113850.8 (authorized).

  • Wang Yi, Fan Xin, Li Haojie, Luo Zhongyu, Liu Bin, Jia Qi, Wang Zhihui. A gesture-based Chinese character interactive input and recognition method. Application No. 201310012582.0 (authorized).

  • Jia Qi, Fan Xin, Luo Zhongyu, Tian Xiaoyu, Liu Yu. A symbol recognition method based on affine invariant. Application No. 201310071948.1 (authorized).

  • Jia Qi, Guo Yi, Fan Xin, Li Fengqi, Wang Hao, Liu Yu. A shape matching method based on metric information. Application No. 201310011263.8 (authorized).

  • Luo Zhongyi, Fan Xin, Jia Qi, Luo Daixi, Zhou Yichen. A method based on geometric shape feature descriptors. Application No. 201310131631.2 (licensed).

  • Fan Xin, Gao Renjie, Wang Wei, Liu Min. A fast filtering method based on the local minimum or maximum value of an image. Application No. 201310429544.5. (authorized).

  • Fan Xin, Luo Zhongyu, Wang Hao, Luo Daixi, Li Yuntao. A method for extracting face datum points using projective invariants. Application Number: 201410117609.7 (authorized).

Article List

  • 2018

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    Recompilable DLL
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